Yahoo’s new web interface – sure thing

Posted in Web by gadgetized on April 27, 2006

LogoYahoo is beta testing a new interface for it's portal. This new interface looks very clean. It seems to look a lot like a WEB 2.0 thing. In a way it's good. It another way it is not. It looks like it would slow things down because of all the things it has to do. I like the fact that they care about making their interface cleaner.
Also I thought it looked a little bit like the MSN homepage (no offences to anyone). I know that this is real because it appeared to me. I am not just publishing another one of the internet found images. This happened to me and I post what I saw. Tell me what you think of the new interface int he comments.



Protest at BYU

Posted in Web by gadgetized on April 1, 2006

There has not been a protest like this at BYU for a long time now. So for a good reason we decided to shake things up. Here is the link to the photos and some comments.

More info about he BYU demonstration after the jump. (more…)

BubbleShare – Online Photo Sharing Site

Posted in Gadgets,Web by gadgetized on March 21, 2006

LogoThis is a great site where anyone can store their photos. I love it because you can do things with it that you can’t do with other photo sharing sites.

1. You can upload photos without even creating a log in. That is useful when you have to upload something fast without having to spend too much time registering.

2. The site has the best interface possible. It is really clean and easy to use.

3. You have a zoom feature. This is great for seeing more detail from the photo.

4. The site is all AJAX-ed and it’s really fast.

5. It has an option for ‘photocasting’. You can attach voice to your photos straight from the website. You just press the record button and start talking. That sound file will be automatically played when you view the slideshow.

6. It has the easiest delete photos from your albums feature. You just press the x by the photo and it’s done.

7. You can rearrange the photos in your albums by just dragging them around. The other photos will make room for yours. It’s great.

8. You do not have a bandwidth limit on your photos uploaded. The service is free. The only downside is that you can upload only 100 photos per album. But at the same time you can put as many albums as you want.

9. You have a batch uploaded so you don’t have to upload your photos at the speed of a turtle.

10. You can download all the photos in an album with just one click. Just click the Download as Zip button and that’s it. Amazing.

11. You have a thumbnail expander/shrinker slider that works very well. It helps when you have a lot of photos in one of your albums and you need to see lots of them on the page so you can rearrange them.

There are so many features that I can’t tell you all there is. Give it a try and you will be very surprised. The thing that I like the best is that it’s so easy to use.

Well here are some shots of the application for your viewing pleasure after the jump.


Invitations for the new Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta

Posted in Web by gadgetized on March 20, 2006

LogoI have 10 20 invitations for the new new Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta If anyone wants an invitation, post your email address in the comments and tell me why you want it.

Colibri – Type Ahead

Posted in Web by gadgetized on March 7, 2006


This is my newest best friend. It makes opening programs so easy. I love that I don’t have to dig through the start menu to get to a program. I can just press Ctrl+Space and then type the first few letters of the program I want to launch and press enter. That is it. You could say it is the best QuickSilver replacement for Windows. The best thing is that it finds programs from your entire star menu, no matter how deep they are. It makes my life a lot better because I have so many programs installed. Also the program looks very sleek.

You can pick it up here. It is completly free.


Most Hysterical Funny Video Ever

Posted in Web by gadgetized on February 16, 2006

I know this does not have much to do with the gadget theme of this blog but… this has to be seen. It is absolutely hilarious.

Tutorial on how to block ads in Firefox

Posted in Web by gadgetized on February 9, 2006

LogoThere are a few ways to block ads that actually work. One is AdMuncher which is great but it’s not free. The other good way that I found is through AdBlocker extension coupled with Filter.G AdBlocker Updater.
Here are the steps:
1. Install AdBlocker extension from
2. Restart Firefox.
3. Go to tools/Adblock
4. Enable Adblock
5. At the new filters type these commands:
6. Now go to and install the AdBlock Filterset.G Updater. This extension will install extra filters in your AdBlocker extension.
7. Restart Firefox.

Now you should be able to have an excellent banner/ads free experience on the web.
If you want the same benefits to work in Internet Explorer, Opera and anywhere else in the OS, then install AdMuncher (read about it here). You will have to pay 24$. That is if you have the money and blocking all ads is a MUST.

Free Stock Photography SXC.HU

Posted in Web by gadgetized on January 28, 2006

LogoIf you have ever wandered around the internet in search of some good stock photography and you have only found bad or expensive ones then SXC.HU is the place for you.stock_xchng.gif I created a free account and I was surprized at the quality of the photos in store. The selection of photos is good and it is very clean. There is no clipart section… it won’t be missed. All the photos are free and can be used for all purposes without having to worry about copyright issues.

Crap Cleaner – Registry and other stuff

Posted in Web by gadgetized on January 27, 2006

LogoI love this program. It is FREE which I think it’s excellent. It manages to do a super good job in cleaning your old and un-used files. It clears all your temp files, and it makes your life better. It cleans your uninstall programs’ leftovers. It is a program I recommend to anyone.ccleaner.gif

The best feature of this program is it’s registry cleaner. I was able to clean like 768 errors. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. Most programs like this only come as a trial, they scan your system tell you that you have a b*zillion of errors but only correct 2 in each area. That is just CRAP.

This program Crap Cleaner does what all the rest don’t, cleans your computer effectively and for FREE. Great!
PS: Does anyone know any other free software that go it the “fix your computer up” category?

Send large files over the internet

Posted in Web by gadgetized on January 24, 2006

LogoThis site super useful if you desire to send huge files over the internet. Most email options will only let you send 10Mb to 20Mb of data and that make them useless when you need to send a big zipped project over the net. mailbigfile.jpg
The website is super easy to use. It only has 4 fields out of which 2 are optional. It does not require a log in so anyone can use it. It has a progress bar for your curiosity. And last of all it’s free.

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