Apple’s new notebooks are not cheap and will never be

Posted in Gadgets by gadgetized on January 11, 2006

LogoApple computers have had and will always have a higher price than PC computers. Why? Because they have good designers and are known for their style. This matters not to me. I think they are good looking but not at all as functional as a PC. Don’t think you ever got a deal when you got an Apple, you did not but you were ripped off. Their margins are huge. Money does not come free and unless you are a freak for apple, don’t buy one.
In the blog there is an article comparing a similar gateway notebook to the new macbooks. The gateway is 500$ cheaper. If you bump that laptop down a little more you can get it for 900 cheaper… that is a bit of a difference for me. And the components are the same so you can’t say that the mac has so much better components.


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