The new Hotmail and Yahoo email services

Posted in Web by gadgetized on January 12, 2006

LogoI recently got access to the yahoo mail beta and the new msn mail live beta. They are great. Using them is a breeze. I like the hotmail one because it is so easy to use, it mimics outlook and it is super fast. The yahoo mew email client is very nice and very featured but, it is really slow, which makes me sad. I love yahoo mail… so now i hope they will fix the speed issue soon.

After the jump are some screenshots of the clients.

win_mail_live2.jpg  win_mail_live3.jpg  win_mail_live.jpg  yahoo_mail2.jpg  yahoo_mail.jpg  yahoo_mail3.jpgwin_mail_live2.jpg

This is the normal view of the new Hotmail. The right click menus are configured to show Hotmail options.


This is the calendar view of the new Hotmail. It is great and AJAX-ed. I like that it’s clean and fast.


One more screenshot.


This is what happenes when you move a message in the new Yahoo mail. It looks great.


This is the RSS reader embeded in the Yahoo mail. It is not the best but serves its purpose well enought.


These are the right click menus. Again they are yahoo mail specific.

I hope you liked the pics and the post helped you in chosing either.


2 Responses to 'The new Hotmail and Yahoo email services'

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  1. thehm said,

    That looks soooooo classy and organized….where can I get that? Is it free?

  2. gadgetized said,

    To get the email clients you need to already have email addresses with yahoo or hotmail and subscribe to their beta testing services. Go here and do it. (yahoo) (hotmail)
    They are free services 🙂

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