AppRocket – Program Launcher

Posted in Gadgets,Software by gadgetized on January 20, 2006

LogoIf you are looking for a QuickSilver type of a program for Windows, this is it. It is fully featured search and it’s really fast. Just press Alt+Space and start typing the first letters of the program you want and a list will pop up with the programs that contain those letters. If you want you can make it search your entire HDD but that will make it slower. I like it just for program launching. It has almost made my Start button obsolete. It is free for 30 days I think and some $ after that. Not too expensive.



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  1. […] I’m trying out AppRocket, a very nice program used to launch programs, find folders and files with. Very helpful! More info on it here. […]

  2. Ivan Minic said,

    Neet looking thing..

  3. […] Useful if you are tired of using the Start button and finding your program through a bunch of menus. are the quick launch buttons on my toolbar defined?A. The quick launch bar, which provides […]

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