Crap Cleaner – Registry and other stuff

Posted in Web by gadgetized on January 27, 2006

LogoI love this program. It is FREE which I think it’s excellent. It manages to do a super good job in cleaning your old and un-used files. It clears all your temp files, and it makes your life better. It cleans your uninstall programs’ leftovers. It is a program I recommend to anyone.ccleaner.gif

The best feature of this program is it’s registry cleaner. I was able to clean like 768 errors. I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. Most programs like this only come as a trial, they scan your system tell you that you have a b*zillion of errors but only correct 2 in each area. That is just CRAP.

This program Crap Cleaner does what all the rest don’t, cleans your computer effectively and for FREE. Great!
PS: Does anyone know any other free software that go it the “fix your computer up” category?


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  1. Drucifur said,

    Thanks a lot, I’m not sure what you mean by “fix your computer up” category, so sorry.

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