BubbleShare – Online Photo Sharing Site

Posted in Gadgets,Web by gadgetized on March 21, 2006

LogoThis is a great site where anyone can store their photos. I love it because you can do things with it that you can’t do with other photo sharing sites.

1. You can upload photos without even creating a log in. That is useful when you have to upload something fast without having to spend too much time registering.

2. The site has the best interface possible. It is really clean and easy to use.

3. You have a zoom feature. This is great for seeing more detail from the photo.

4. The site is all AJAX-ed and it’s really fast.

5. It has an option for ‘photocasting’. You can attach voice to your photos straight from the website. You just press the record button and start talking. That sound file will be automatically played when you view the slideshow.

6. It has the easiest delete photos from your albums feature. You just press the x by the photo and it’s done.

7. You can rearrange the photos in your albums by just dragging them around. The other photos will make room for yours. It’s great.

8. You do not have a bandwidth limit on your photos uploaded. The service is free. The only downside is that you can upload only 100 photos per album. But at the same time you can put as many albums as you want.

9. You have a batch uploaded so you don’t have to upload your photos at the speed of a turtle.

10. You can download all the photos in an album with just one click. Just click the Download as Zip button and that’s it. Amazing.

11. You have a thumbnail expander/shrinker slider that works very well. It helps when you have a lot of photos in one of your albums and you need to see lots of them on the page so you can rearrange them.

There are so many features that I can’t tell you all there is. Give it a try and you will be very surprised. The thing that I like the best is that it’s so easy to use.

Well here are some shots of the application for your viewing pleasure after the jump.


This is the main view.


This is the view with the thumbnails shrunk.


Dragging photos.


The bubblezoom feature.


Save as ZIP.


Record voice comments.


Share the album with friends.


The Slide show.


2 Responses to 'BubbleShare – Online Photo Sharing Site'

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  1. Heidi Icleanu said,

    this is a cool blog. the photosite is great; thanks for all your work at researching and finding the perfect place to put pictures when there is so much available that is not as user friendly or as resourceful.
    p.s. you are cute in the photos šŸ™‚ i love you.

  2. gadgetized said,

    Thank you my love you are cute too.

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