Yahoo’s new web interface – sure thing

Posted in Web by gadgetized on April 27, 2006

LogoYahoo is beta testing a new interface for it's portal. This new interface looks very clean. It seems to look a lot like a WEB 2.0 thing. In a way it's good. It another way it is not. It looks like it would slow things down because of all the things it has to do. I like the fact that they care about making their interface cleaner.
Also I thought it looked a little bit like the MSN homepage (no offences to anyone). I know that this is real because it appeared to me. I am not just publishing another one of the internet found images. This happened to me and I post what I saw. Tell me what you think of the new interface int he comments.



2 Responses to 'Yahoo’s new web interface – sure thing'

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  1. Maz said,

    i do like the new interface, but i do still think its a little bit cluttered. i really like the colour and its pretty easy to navigate. i hate the msn hompage. there is far too much going on there.

  2. Alex said,

    Thank You

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